Mezzanine Flooring London

Llonsson Ltd's Mezzanine Floors are tailor made to your exact requirements, designed and manufactured to the most exacting standards and have the added benefit of our specialised, creative mezzanine floor design features, enabling common problems with mezzanine floor installation to be overcome.

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Mezzanine Flooring London

It may seem like a great challenge to transform your property and create additional space but with a mezzanine you can solve all of your spatial problems easily. Unlike making alterations to the structure and extending outwards, a mezzanine is simple to install and incredibly cost affective. In most cases the installation is quick and will give you all of the additional space you require without having to change any of the external aspects of the building.

At Llonsson Ltd we specialise in the design, manufacturing and installation of mezzanine and platform flooring. We can offer a wide selection of different options, including a choice of styles, layouts and finishes to suit any requirement. Based in Warlingham, Surrey we serve across the county and also offer services to customers in the Greater London area. If you are unsure whether your property can accommodate this type of flooring or need help with design we are happy to offer advice and guidance so you get it right.

The most important thing to us, other than giving you extra space for an affordable fee, is ensuring that everything we offer is as safe as possible. In order to do this we closely follow health and safety guideline and test every product we make. All support structures are checked to ensure they can handle various loads. Platforms are also tested to measure their durability. At the end we can be incredibly confident that your mezzanine is secure and going to give you many years of use.

To ensure the service we offer at Llonsson is as comprehensive as possible we offer a full fitting and installation service. We have a team of expert fitters who understand how important it is to complete the project efficiently whilst monitoring safety at all times. The wealth of experience held by the team ensures that installations run as smoothly as possible and any problems are tackled promptly.

The incredibly high quality finish we guarantee ensures that you will get multiple returns on your investment. Not only do you get new space but you can also see an increase in the value of your property. Mezzanines also have a great aesthetic benefit and open up your opportunities in terms of decorations.

To enquire about bespoke mezzanine flooring in London or Surrey call Llonsson on 01883 622 068 or email us at We are experienced at fitting this type of flooring in a number of commercial properties, from warehouses to nightclubs. You can rely on us to deliver a great service and meet your specifications accurately.